FREETOWN, Oct. 2 (Xinhua/Sun) -- Following the arrival of 59 medical experts from China about two weeks ago, 162 Cuban medical experts also arrived at Lungi international airport of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, to join in the fight against the dreaded Ebola disease.

The team was received at the airport by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health, Madina Rahman, who welcomed them on behalf of the president, the government and people of Sierra Leone.

Rahman noted that they have left the comfort of their homes and family to come and help the people of Sierra Leone in their fight to eradicate the Ebola disease.

She spoke of the cordial relationship between both countries which she said has been demonstrated by their "coming to help us fight this disease."

The deputy minister assured them of their support and cooperation hoping that they will share their expertise with their local colleagues whom they will have to work with to stamp out the scourge.

Jorge Nicolas, the Cuban Ambassador to Sierra Leone who was also at the airport, described the Ebola virus as "another war."

Nicolas said the Cuban medical team has left their homes to commit themselves in saving the lives of their brothers and sisters of Sierra Leone.

He commended the efforts made by the government of Sierra Leone in combating the virus, but maintained that "we are here to join you in the fight to rid this country of the Ebola virus."

An advance party was already in the country to do a feasibility study and had met with Minister of Health Abu Bakarr Fofanah.