When 2019 ended with the seriously acrimonious general election that cut Dominica into two halves like a slab of wood split with an axe, no one anticipated that 2020 would become the worst year ever as one of the most contagious and deadliest coronaviruses spread like wild fire throughout the world. Now it has been mutating becoming more contagious.

For the community of nations, 2020 became a year of crisis and fear of sickness and of death.

This worst year ever has been far worse for some than others, but it touched us all. Our loss, grief and anger is collective. And it has deepened by the constant media invasion telling us what an awful year it is.

Goodbye 2020-we will not miss you one bit.

But there are some things we have to be thankful for in 2020. For example, although the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the worst in the last nearly 170 years, Dominica was spared even the mildest of tropical storms.

But there were other major events that captured our attention in 2020 and in this special section of THE SUN, "2020 News Review", we take another peep at these major events in the following pages.