When an armed man is running after an unarmed one he has no qualms in breaking around corners in his chase, but if the pursuee is armed, the pursuer has to pause and take peeks and peeps around the corners so as to assure that he does not receive what he is trying to impart. A bullet!

When Orlando happened I was aghast at the vicious way some people rejoiced and said kill them all. Anyway, I must admit that my cry no longer flowed in blood when I heard they were homosexuals as two nuts or two bolts together were not meant to tighten anything. "Male and female He created them". However, Dallas and then Baton Rouge expounded the fact that every man has his battle lines, for not only there were no tears from me, but a feeling of elation, achievement and racial pride betook me.

Before the stand-up-ed-ness of a couple blacks I had categorized African-Americans as the dumbness and weakest group of people in the world for they were being marginalized, trampled upon and shot to death arbitrarily in their own country and all they did was a momentary noise until the next shynching.

I am not professing violence but the genie is out of the bottle and now that the pales have realized that there are racists among us too, the talking points have not only changed but the chatter over matter has increased tremendously. Now blue lives matter. Many blacks who have been in the social limelight for decades are now opening their mouths. What were they doing all those years while only black lives were being shattered without matter? One wonders whether those blacks are afraid they me lose lounging with the pales if there is an all out war between the races.

The Africans in America should never feel less than owners of that land for they have sacrificed in blood more than any other race to develop it. Today, there are still companies and families and individuals who bask in the riches gained thru slavery. The one word which demeans Obama's presidency is reparations. He should have brought it up. No matter if the pales fought it down, it would be out there and political demands of support could be made for benefits worth the sacrifice of the Africans. Maybe Obama thought he would seem partisan or racial but just what he thinks the other forty-three presidents were, the fact that the premise of slavery perpetuates. Slavery was just about greed and wickedness and a racial complex was deliberately invented to justify it. Up to today people are kept in poverty then they are chastised and feared because of said poverty. America should not fear ISIS as they should disgruntled black millennials arming themselves like the Black Panthers of the sixties. Remember they know not MARTIN Luther KING.

It is a historical fact that the pale nations stole the world and the boast of one them that the sun never sets on its empire categorizes the extent of their greedy succubus reach. They pillaged and rummaged and carried of the wealth of many nations and then called themselves developed and first while they condemned or confined those they sucked to third rate.

Africa suffered the most and its present status is glaringly related to the wickedness of the Europeans. They not only carried off its glittering bullion but decimated its most important resource, its people, for centuries, taking away the best to enrich their nations thru blood, sweat, tears and death. Can you imagine the number of Mandelas who perished during the Atlantic passage alone?

It is 2016, centuries since the start of slavery, enormous advancement in technology yet a scourge perpetuated by the pale ones which dehumanizes Earth people is still rampant. The joke is: the only race which will definitely be extinct in time to come is the one which calls its self white. There is hope for the world for remember whenever there is offspring thru copulation between pales and any other race the result is never white. So do not hit on the brother for being a Congo man but envy him for he is making the world a better place by attempting to rid it of a festering.