After ten years, Anthony Toulon & his daughter Attainea have released "The Gardens of Attainea Vol ii", an autobiography in verse and prosaic revelations of the inner spirit of a man on the road to self-discovery.

The Gardens of Attainea, Volume II: The Autobiography & Poetry of Anthony Leo E. Toulon contains all the elements of a biography written in verse, in stimulating prose and in a scattering of memorabilia that trace the progress of the writer through life from childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is also a book about family, the bonds of friendship and the togetherness of urban and rural communities. Above all, it is a book for all ages and all persuasions.

The Stories and essays are grouped under the captions "Growing up in Dominica and the Caribbean" which fittingly describe the visible growth in consciousness and stature that comes out of them, and "In Search of Something New", a journey in self-awareness and spiritual awakening; There are 13 stories and 6 essays in addition to the splendid collection of poetry, including a special poem written for Past President Barack Obama.

It is a big book, nearly 400 pages, and is a marvelous read. The book is blessed with abundant pictorials and should be a relaxing bedside companion, or an elegant addition to a coffee table decor.

This is Mr. Toulon's second book and his poetry has been described as being world-class.

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