Celeb Toussaint, the valedictorian of the Dominica Grammar School (DGS) class of 2017 stood on the stage at the Arawak House of Culture on Monday and accepted prizes, one after the other, five in a row- for biology, geography, physics, principles of accounts and physical education and sports. His hands overflowed.

And when he delivered his speech on behalf of the 74 students who graduated from the DGS he thanked God, parents and teachers.

"You never hesitated, you never gave up on us," Toussaint said about his teachers. "Sometimes you encouraged us to run, sometimes to hold the rein, always to put our best foot forward."

Toussaint, who won the Jays' Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement & Sportsmanship and also the Big Edge Financial Express Award for Outstanding Male Athlete, told his fellow graduants that "it's not how clouds are formed that is important but how they behave."

"We will be going out into the world each of us following different paths, following different dreams- may you have every success… may you hold your head high… and may you do it with all your heart," he said.