Given a chance to grab up to $20,000 in cash, Annica Benjamin of Wesley, after two chances in the vault, was only able to grasp $6,215. The game was part of Digicel's EC$50,000 giveaway which was held outside the company's store on Great Marlborough street, Roseau on Friday 9 January 2015.

The other lucky winners at the company's end of Christmas promotions dubbed "Together We Make Christmas Better" were: Vincent Christmas, Pearl Simeon-Francis, Ronald Robin, Al James, Hazel Benjamin, Clivern Dodds, Annica Benjamin, Libson Lugay, Fabrina Thomas and Franklin Henry.

In addition to the 10 other lucky persons who won prizes, Chad Bique won a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the "Text to Win" promotion.

During the promotions Digicel customers won the latest Samsung and Digicel Smartphones, EC$1000 in cash, free data packages and credit as well as shopping vouchers and a range of tablets.