Situated between Marigot and Calibishie on Dominica's North West coast, the constituency of Wesley consists of Wesley, Woodford Hill and Palm Tree.

Ruggedly beautiful, Wesley is predominantly a community of small farmers decimated by the downturn of the banana industry over the past decade.

But Wesley is due for major development: both the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) have promised that an international airport will be constructed in the area.

Edgar Jerome first won the Wesley seat for the UWP in 1995. Then Peter Carbon won for the UWP in 2000 and 2005. But in 2009 Gloria Shillingford won Wesley for the DLP (809 to 734). That seat went back to the UWP in 2014 when Bazil won 940 to 805.

Ezekiel Bazil (UWP) and Fidel Grant are the two declared candidates. Here, below, you can compare their qualifications and experience and their plans for the development of Wesley.

Qualifications and experience


• Certificate from the Academy of insurance Trinidad and St. Lucia.

• Diplomas from Crawford Learning & Resource Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

• Manager of Claims Department of First Domestic Insurance Company

Fidel Grant

  • Finance Manager, National Development Foundation (NDFD)

  • Master's Degree in Finance

  • First Degree in Accounting, Cuban University, Havana

Brief Outline of Plans for the Development of Wesley

Fidel Grant

• Construction of 10 homes in Joe Burton and Jumbie Piece areas

• Housing complex of 66 apartments to be constructed

• Making lots available to the young professionals

• Facilitate the growth of businesses for young entrepreneurs

• Re-develop the agricultural station at Woodford Hill

• Ready to march into battle, ready to explore new strategies with farmers.

Ezekiel Bazil

• Build the international airport; remember we purchase the land had the studies done once we get into office.

• While the airport is being built we will send people to study and also enhance small businesses in the area.

• Further enhance and develop the Londonderry playing field

• Farmers in the area needs help so farmers will get the help

• Build two shelters, one in Wesley and Woodford to help in the advent of a storm

• Complete the North East Comprehensive secondary school

• Pan Lake in Woodford Hill will be further developed as a tourist attr