Following a six-month investigation, the Roman Catholic Church has announced that Father Elton Letang, who was placed on "indefinite leave of absence" due to accusation of misconduct, has been exonerated and cleared of any wrongdoings.

Earlier this year-June 6- the Diocese of Roseau and the Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province announced that they had received an accusation of inappropriate behaviour against Fr. Letang and that the established investigative procedure was initiated.

The procedure mandated the removal of Fr. Letang, as the parish priest of St Paul and St Ann and prohibited him from ministering in any capacity within the Diocese or elsewhere during the investigation.

In their statement earlier this year, the Diocese of Roseau and the Redemptorists declared that they take "all accusations of misconduct seriously" and steps are being taken to examine the case "to ensure fairness, care and concern to all parties involved."

According to the statement signed by Provincial Superior of the Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province Reverend Paul J. Borowski, after conducting such an investigation, the Redemptorists can report no evidence of behaviour that precludes Fr. Letang's full return to active ministry as a priest in good standing.

"During his time away from ministry and the parish, Fr. Letang was engaged in intensive therapy and reflection which has unquestionably helped him in understanding himself better. He was able to revisit significant moments in his life which helped in contributing to the person he is today," the statement reads.

Though they have announced that he will be returning to the ministry, he will not continue to work in Dominica but instead will be transferred to the island of St. Lucia where he will join the Redemptorists in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia. The Roman Catholic Church, which did not indicate the "inappropriate behaviour" declined to comment further on the matter when contacted by the Sun.