Janae Jackson, the 17 year-old daughter of Calypso writer Ian Jackson and granddaughter of four-time Calypso King, De Idol, is the only female that judges selected in the line up to compete at the Calypso Finals scheduled to be held at the Pottersville Savannah on 6th February 2016. She has a battle of heavyweights on her hands.

Among these are: Webb, Shadow Flow, Booplay, Checker, Sye, Observer, Bobb and Dice.

Judges picked the nine finalists last night at the New Town Savanah at a show that commentators describe as "low key" although the judging, according to Duncan Stowe and Daryl Titre, was "fair".

Notable calypsonians whom the judges told to pack up and go home were veterans Daddy Chess, Superior Picky, Jama B and Soul Puss.

Black Diamond, Beno and Checko also failed to move on to the finals.

But a major disappointment was Logars who once again forgot his lines.

"Logars was De Logars; and he did not disappoint," said commentator Stowe "He messed up his lines. It can't be happening every time like that."

Two of the new comers to the senior Calypso competition did not make it beyond the semis- Earl White Jn. and Charis B. (The other newcomer was Janae Jackson)

Dice? Well, Dice was Dice. Again. The crowd soaked in the performance of "Dominica Trade House Dot Com". It is a scathing critique of corruption in the current administration of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

"Dominica Trade House Dot Com" was a poorly written song; it should not have made it beyond the Eliminations round opined Titre, the former Press Attaché, and Cecil Joseph, the former Mayor of Roseau and now manager of the State-owned DBS radio, two commentators on the DBS broadcast team. A nice

"It has a nice melody," Stowe countered. "Nothing can capture your heart like a melody can."