A 23-year old man of Roseau got away with a fine of $5,000 to be paid in six months or in default to eight months in prison when he showed up for sentencing by Justice Errol Thomas at the Roseau High Court on Friday, March 20, 2015.

Martin Jno Baptiste pleaded guilty to burglarising Sea World Guest House at Citronier, Newtown on November 15, 2011 when he appeared for his trial before Justice Thomas on Thursday February 19, 2015. The judge set sentencing for Friday March 13.

Lawyer Peter Alleyne who agreed to mitigate on behalf of Jno Baptiste asked for an adjournment to the sentencing to find someone who could put in good word for the prisoner. The authors of the social inquiry report could find no one to comment favourably about the character of Jno Baptiste's character. This prompted Alleyne to seek the postponement.

The guilty man, a construction work and carpentry, gave Alleyne the names of three persons who might be able to say something good about him, apart from his mother.

Alleyne returned on Friday March 20 with a moving plea in mitigation which had an effect on the judge.

Justice Thomas had in mind several years in prison for the young man, but for Alleyne's effective intervention on his behalf.