Four former Calypso monarchs are to compete for a place in the grand Calypso Finals; the semifinals segment of the 2018 Calypso competition is carded for January 27, 2018 at the Newtown Savannah.

They are: eight-time monarch Dennison "Dice" Joseph with his song "Looters"; Tasha "Tasha P" Peltier with "Father Have Mercy"; Davidson "Observer" Victor with "Hope Dominica" and Andrew "Scrunter" Bazil with "Scrunter Must Go Back".

They are among the 20 calypsonians who survived at the Quarter Finals held at the Newtown Savanah on… Two women are in the lineup.

The 20, and their songs, are:

Reginald "Third Eye" Lander-"I fraid"; Victor "Comforter" Bique-"De Spiritual Hurricane"; Abel "Checko" Jno Baptiste-"Roofless"; Dennison "Dice" Joseph-"Looters"; Davidson"Observer" Victor-"Hope Dominica"; Narrin "Trendsetter" Murphy-"Demonikans; Joslyn "Jamma B" Charles- "Ah Looking for Maria"; Emanuel "Haxey" Salamat-"Sa Ki sa say saw"; Derrick "Logarz" St. Ville-"Maria she Wet", Cecil "Checker" Burnette-"Give us our Portion"; Jerd "Jenus" Dorset-"Ambassadors of Witikubuli"; Stephan "Stephan" Subero-"Dominica You Sweet"; Andrew "Scrunter" Bazil-"Scrunter Must Go"; Tasha "Tasha P" Peltier-"Father Have Mercy"; Daryl "De Bobb" Bobb-"Go and Sing de Truth Bobb"; Murphy "Sye" Jno-Jules-"Release Supply"; Chris "Chris B" Sylvester-"De Country Still Nice"; Jude "Jay Dee" Delauney-"Relief Strong Dominica"; Wayne "Shadow Flow" Robin-"If Now is not the Time Then When"; Alisha "Alisha" Ducreay-"Reunion Train".