Arnold C. Active was a loving, caring father to his five children: Ashworth, Dudley, Michael, Maureen and Beverly. As a family man, he and his loving wife, Evelyn, and adopted daughter, Rhona (Miranda), lived many joyful days both here in Dominica and in Mount Vernon, New York. In his latter days, throughout a time of illness which caused the loss of both his legs, he never lost the cheerfulness and good humour which endeared him to so many of his friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

In public life, he kept the same simplicity and earnestness as he did in his private life, never losing his common touch, never failing in his affection for and closeness to his boyhood and lifelong friends. He left Dominica in the 1950s for England, and there together with Phyllis Alfrey he joined the Fabien Society and became a staunch supporter of the labour movement and its principles for the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged masses. On his return to Dominica he joined forces with the labour movement here, served on the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union where he championed the cause of the port workers, and when the Labour Party won the elections in 1961, was made Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. In July, 1973 he was made Minister of Home Affairs.

But in all of this, Arnold Active will best be remembered as a socially conscious, friendly and neighbourly person. In civic work he was a member of the Jaycees of Dominica, in sports he will be remembered as an active member of Thunderstorm Football Club. When he was called upon to assist with fundraising for the Cathedral Renovation, he did so with enthusiasm and consistency. He made each task lighter with his laughter and goodwill, especially when he assisted with the bar at fundraising events. He was a great cook and loved providing his family and friends with homemade dips and appetizers and the most delicious fried chicken and mac n cheese. He was his best in the kitchen.

He loved people. He remembered them, every detail of their lives. Ask him about anyone that he knew, and he would tell you of their genealogy up to three generations back. His memory in this area was phenomenal.

As we meet here today to mourn his passing, his beloved wife, Evelyn, his adopted daughter, Miranda; his children Ashworth, Dudley, Michael, Maureen and Beverly; his sister, Irene Gwendoline (Touffee) and brothers Matthew and Rudolph and niece, Marva­ Sandra; and all his friends and neighbours gathered here, will be comforted to know that he would wish them all to be cheerful, knowing that he has gone to a better place, a place of rest and peace and eternal comfort with the Almighty.