Gas prices in Dominica continued to go down in February 2016.

Today the price of a gallon of gasoline dropped from EC$9.67 to $9.15 i.e. a 52 cents decrease.

The price per gallon of diesel and kerosene also decreased; diesel by 82 cents ($8.56-$7.74) and kerosene by 69 cents ($7.27-$6.58).

Expect further drops in prices in 2016.

According to the Economy Forecast Agency, the cost of crude will drop steadily at least until August 2016.

That forecast is supported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

"With global oil inventory builds expected to continue in 2016, upward pressure on crude oil prices will be limited," the USEIA stated. "Forecast Brent prices will average $38/b in 2016, $3/b lower than forecast in last month's STEO. The largest inventory builds occur in the first half of 2016, helping keep Brent prices below $40/b through August".