A few years ago, the National Co-operative Credit Union (NCCU) decided to stage an annual Cadancelypso competition to resuscitate a national musical genre that had become international having topped the charts in numerous countries around the world and was distributed far and wide including France, Germany, Japan, Colombia, Barbados and even the much-protected Jamaican market.

But according to Gordon Henderson, founder of the music genre, "the sad truth is that Dominica is the only place in the Creole world that Cadancelypso is or was considered as traditional music suitable only the national day celebrations.

"I have never stopped touring from day one and the very enthusiastic public is happy to have over 40 years of Creole music in one show."

Henderson was the overseas guest performer in 2016 when rain interrupted what many described as "a nostalgic performance" and asked for more of Gordon Henderson. So he agreed to be back again in 2017 to grace the Dominican public with more Cadence.

Before returning to Dominica for the NCCU November 2 2017 show, Henderson is carded for an Indian Ocean tour on a bill called "Kreol Legends"; before that, in October, he will be part of a stadium festival in Reunion Island closing the year with a concert in French Guyana towards the end of December.

Florida fans should also look forward to an appearance in November.

"Cadancelypso is alive and kicking!" Henderson concluded.