Recently, the NSG Management and Technical Services Limited of Barbados signed an EC$18,182,400 contract with the Government of Dominica for constructing the Roseau West Bridge.

The infrastructural works is to include demolition of the existing structure and its foundations, the construction of a new two-lane bridge on new foundations and approach apron roads; as well as connection to the Roseau River walls, construction of a river training wall and dredging of the river.

The project is expected to be completed within twelve months.

-Our photos show the West Bridge as it is today;

  • An artist impression of the proposed new West Bridge;

  • Pictures taken by Clement Fingal in 1957 upon the opening of the West Bridge on the Roseau River. The car belonged to the Acting Administrator, His Honour A. F. Louisy, was the first to cross the bridge. The picture showing the people was taken from the Roseau side while the picture with the car is from the Pottersville side.