Cube Cheese Barber Shop Bath Estate advanced smoothly to 15 points from five matches in the DFA Intermediate League with a smashing 6-0 thrashing of Dominica Secondary Schools (DSS) at Bath Estate in their latest encounter. Denzil Lawrence snared a hat-trick with Anderson Lawrence, Kessler Benjamin and Marvin Leblanc added one each.

In preceding matches, CCBS Bath Estate posted emphatic wins over R C Doctors 4-1, Pottersville Youth Soccer Academy 4-1, and Jay's Ltd Grand Fond Young Boys 4-3 at Bath Estate.

Sports Clubs who saw no action last week are in contention with the leaders with 12 points from four matches including wins over Genesis Football Club 2-1 and Lion Hearts 2-1 and Pottersville YSA 1-0. In other results: RC Doctors blanked out Pottersville YSA 4-0 and DSS 3-2; GF Young Boys 1, Underground Starz 0; Genesis 2, Byon Strikers 0; Underground Starz 2, Genesis 0; DSS 2, Lion Hearts 1; Byon Strikers FC 3, Underground Starz 2; and Portersville YSA 4, Byon Strikers 1.