Manny Manicou loved to steal and unlike other manicous he was also lazy. No matter how much his friends and family complained about his ways, he never bothered to change at all.

So one afternoon, Manny Manicou was walking through the forest when he saw a basket of delicious looking guavas sitting on the roots of a Tamarind tree.

"Boy dose guavas looking nice," he said. Then seeing that no one was around, he took the basket and brought it to his home and ate all the guavas. Later that same day, he was passing by the same spot he found the basket of guavas when he saw a group of animals standing by. Curious, he went closer to see what was going on when suddenly Bon goat turned to him and shouted,

"Look him! Look him! Is him I see with d basket."

Manny Manicou was startled and before he could escape, Inspector Boa caught him by his tail and dragged him to the center of the crowd.

"Manny Manicou, why you stole Ma Sisserou's basket of guavas? Don't you know dat stealing is wrong?" asked Inspector Boa.

"I-I-I," stammered Manny Manicou. He was too frightened to speak. All the animals including Ma Sisserou looked at him with angry expressions on their faces.

"Manny," said Inspector Boa, "for your punishment you will work for Madame Sisserou for a whole month starting now. You will climb all the trees she axe you too and fill all her baskets with fruits. By d way not only trees on dis side of d forest but dose across d lake too."

And so, for a whole month Manny Manicou worked from sunrise to sunset with very little rest during the day. What a punishment!!!