One hot afternoon, Boa the snake was out lazing in the grass near a Custard apple tree when an iguana unexpectedly came up to him.

"Hey," said the iguana, "my name is Iggi an I'm your new neighbour. You want to be friends?"

Boa was stunned; never in his life had someone ask him this question before. Everyone in the forest knew he didn't like friends.

"Sorry, but I doh like friends," he said rudely, then moved away leaving a sad iguana behind.

Now sometime later, Boa was fast asleep when all of a sudden, he felt himself being lifted in the air and thrown in a bag.

Terrified, he immediately began looking for a hole to escape but couldn't find any.

"Helpppp," he screamed.

Boa knew that if he didn't escape soon, then he would die.

Suddenly, Boa started to feel himself being vigorously shaken. Shortly after, he stumbled out of the bag, hitting the ground with a hard thud. Wasting no time, Boa turned around to attack the humans and was shocked to see the same iguana from earlier running around and in between the humans' legs.

Wat! d iguana helping me escaped we, Boa quickly realized.

Afraid the iguana might get caught; Boa leaped for one of the humans' legs and bit it hard. Fortunately, he didn't have to bit the others because they were soon running away altogether.

Overwhelmed by the iguana's bravery; Boa hurried over to see if he was okay.

"I cannot believe it," said Boa after ensuring he was alright, "You came to save me even after I dread you?"

The iguana answered, "Well, I saw you in trouble so I decided to help."

Boa was astonished. He felt ashamed for hurting such a wonderful animal.

Maybe I could use a friend, he thought.

"Okay, let's be friends," said Boa.

And indeed, they stayed friends for a very, very long time.