Statements made by Ministers over the years which were very rude and unbecoming of Ministers will continue because only in Dominica could such things be done and such words uttered without persons being called to give explanations of their actions and utterances. From the Bahamas in the North to Guyana in the South the things that are being done in Dominica could not be done. This is a reflection of who the people of Dominica have governing them. Marigot was singled out in a very advertent way and promised projects which never materialized. One very blatant misdeed by the ruling Labour Party done to the people of Marigot, was its refusal to upgrade the roads through the village of Marigot.

Though the sign at Canefield reads "Road Upgrade from Canefield to Melville Hall", no explanation was given as to why the road passing through Marigot was left untouched.

Some parts of that road remain dangerous to negotiate. After leaving the Hilltop Garage on one's way to town, from the airport, there is a corner called the Redmole Cashew Corner. It's a very sharp corner with a drain on one side and a precipice on the other side. A number of vehicles have gone down that precipice resulting in serious injuries to occupants of these vehicles and the death of one motorcyclist who collided with a bus. Even this corner was deliberately not widened.

The Marigot Bay Bridge and the Bridge near the boxing plant need to be widened. None of the feeder roads were repaired, though there were promises made on many occasions. The people of Marigot in 2015 have surely come to recognize the ruling Labour Party for what they truly are.

There was the promise of an Airport Hotel which would be financed by the Kingdom of Morocco but it was unlikely that the ruling Labour Party would deliver such a luxury to the people of Marigot. There was talk of a Community Centre for which the people are still waiting to see the ground break.

Not too long ago at a funeral service at the Methodist Church it was announced that the All Saints University would be moving its operation to Londonderry but the people of Marigot have become used to such empty promises. The hospital remains in a state of disrepair.

While travelling along the North-End road, there is concrete which fell on the road from trucks, for yards and yards and left there for more than a year now. The people responsible for transporting the concrete were not made to have it cleaned up before the boycott of parliament which was one of the honourable things to do at the time.

The then Parliamentary Representative at the time, the Honourable Edison James made meaningful representation on behalf of the people of Marigot and he did ask for a number of things including repair to the roads but no attempt was given to the request made by him. Everything was joked about, while the people of Marigot suffered for basic necessities such as roads to places like Crapaud Hole, Vaux Hall, Fine Grass, Marshall, Craig Coffee, Lio Park, Captain Bruce and Over Gutter. Some supporters of the Labour Party from Marigot when asked why nothing is being done in Marigot will still say that "Edison was there".

Joffre Dorsett