As parents and students get ready for the reopening of the new school year on Monday, they expect a few changes- new books, new teachers but the same old rules.

But some schools will have new bosses or principals. Here are the changes as revealed today by Dr. Jeffrey Blaize, the assistant chief education officer.

The principal of the Massacre and Goodwill Primary Schools will change places. That is Mrs. Elizabeth Zavier Dailey of Massacre and Mrs. Mariam Lewis of Goodwill Primary will move into each other's positions.

Similarly, the principals North Eastern Secondary and Castle Bruce Secondary will be moved. Stephen Hypolite of North Eastern Secondary will switch places with Octavia Alfred of Castle Bruce.

Other changes:

Woodford Hill (former principal- Martha Carbon); Nadia Prevost-new principal.

Wesley (former principal- Magdalene Bontiff- Honore); Martha Carbon- new principal.

Paix Bouche (former principal- Cynthia Joseph); new principal- Magdalene Bontiff- Honore.