With just a few matches remaining in the Lime Premier League Scotiabank Bath Estate, the new champions, and Dublanc will end the season in positions one and two.Bath Estate have finished their matches 16 matches with 37 points after being held by the lowly Wacky Rollers to a goalless draw last time out. For Rollers it was their eighth drawn match for a tally of eight points at the bottom of the standings with three matches in hand. Dublanc moved to 27 points with one match in hand after defeating the 2011-2012 champions, KFC Harlem United, 1-0.

In more premiership matches, Ai-cons edged out RIC Kensbro 1-0, while Sam Martin Pointe Michel beat the 2010-2011 champions Northern Concrete & Steel Bombers 2-1.

The points' standings read: (1) Bath Estate 37 from 16 matches; (2) Dublanc 27-15; (3) South East 22-13 (22 goals to 21); (4) Pointe Michel 22-15 (25 goals to 43); (5) Harlem 20-15 [25-23]; (6) Ai-cons 20-14; (7) Bombers 15-14; (8) Kensbro 12-15; and (9) Rollers 8-13.