Vince Henderson, campaign manager of the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and Dominica's Ambassador to the United States at a DLP press conference on Friday 26th April 2019.

"Every report from every observer group have come to one conclusion that the elections in Dominica have been free and fair. You only fix something that is broken."

Fact Check

Summary quote: "The Mission concludes that the election was free… that the election was not necessarily fair…"

  • Report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission: Commonwealth of Dominica General Election 8 December 2014.

Full Quote:

"The Mission concludes that the election was free for entry and the casting of the ballot, given the prevailing legislation and constitutional provisions safeguarding participation and the exercise of the franchise. While the credibility and transparency of the electoral process can be claimed, the Mission concludes, however, that the election was not necessarily fair, due to: the lack of balance, and in some cases lack of professionalism of the media; the absence of campaign finance regulations and the resultant lack of transparency on financing, coupled with the exponentially increased expense associated with campaigning; multiple instances of treating and bribery, including the transportation of electors to the island to vote; and the apparent abuses of incumbency, including a lack of impartiality in the provision of public services".

  • Reproduced from page 21 of report at Chapter Six: Conclusions and Recommendations.