In the last article we noted that in any society harmful attitudes and values always exist alongside positive ones, but when harmful attitudes and value become predominant or sufficiently significant, they can lead to the destruction of societies.

We referenced the seven things that Mahatma Ghandi noted that will destroy humanity and we noted that indeed, many of these are currently destroying our nation and that we desperately need to turn the tide around.

The seven things are (1) Politics without principles (2) pleasure without conscience (3) wealth without work (4) knowledge without character (5) business without morality (6) science without humanity (7) worship without faith.

All these points have social and political underpinnings and saving our nation will require us to reverse associated negative culture and promote positive ones.

In the last article we spoke in some details about how the first listed point-politics without principles, is wrecking our beautiful Dominica. In the discussion we noted how the ruling political regime engages in politics without principles. But despite the bad politics of the political regime, if sufficient numbers of our people decide to act based on good principles, then we can stop the advance of a terrible political regime and help save our country.

Take for instance the role that can be played by senior civil servants such as the Permanent Secretaries. Unfortunately, under their watch, the ruling political directorate have had their evil ways for more that fifteen years. Many of these senior civil servants have remained silent while the regime broke the laws. Some have helped the regime to victimize opponents, and ignore good governance principles.

Why have these senior civil servants allowed this under their watch? Some of the actions taken by the political regime could not be taken without the complicity or complacency of the senior civil servants. If senior civil servants refuse to follow orders that are unlawful, strongly oppose wrongful actions and where necessary act in loyalty to country and expose the wrong doing of the government including through the securing of evidence that could be taken to a court of law, then maybe our country would have been spared a lot of the pain that we are going through.

They would have been acting on good and godly principles. But instead many have been protecting their salaries, seeking promotions and other favours for themselves or family, and trying hard not to be side-lined.
You see, I personally would rather not be promoted or favoured than to condone evil by my silence or by ignoring obvious wrong and not seeking to have it corrected.

That is the kind of principles that we must live by as a people. In that way we would be free and happier and our conscience would be clear even if we don't get to a position or favours.

You know how Dice put it – "I would rather be broke and free, than have plenty money and owing de Jumbie!"

If enough of us shift to practicing good and godly principle we will help save our nation. But it is not too late for you, the senior civil servants, to take a stand. If a majority of you decide to act on good principles and band together, you can be a powerful force for change in our land. I hear the laments of the civil servants. Many who retire are often so happy to be out of the service. I hear them commenting often, the civil service is not the same as before! But you, the senior civil servants, by not banding together to stand up to the evil of the political directorate, are contributing to the demise of the civil service.

But while I pointed to the case of the senior civil servants, there are others that need to act based on good and godly principle, even those of us who profess to know God.

Take for instance those who would be willing to ignore the clear and grave wrong-doing of the ruling regime, simple because they received some favour! For instance, there are many who have been favoured with jobs, scholarships or business opportunities and because of that, defend an obviously bad and evil government. You have really allowed yourself to be bought and you have compromised godly principles. But it is time for all of us to recognize our wrong, see where it has brought us to and make the determination to save our country.

In the next few articles, we will expound on three more of the seven things Ghandi spoke about – wealth without work, knowledge without character and business without morality. These things are becoming more and more entrenched in our land and if left unchecked, they will surely contribute to the destruction of our country.

But there is hope and the Dominica Freedom Party desires your support to save our country. National leadership with great integrity and capability is needed now more than ever before if we are to reverse negative cultures and save our country.

Kent Vital Political Leader Dominica Freedom Party