Three new comers have found favor with the judges at the Elimination round of the 2016 Calypso competition held at the Harlem Plaza before a packed audience. Seventy-six calypsonians participated.

Former Junior Calypso monarch Jaene (the only female) is among the three. She sang: My Love my Country). The other new comers are: Jerd (Caribbean Paradise), the lead singer of the Look Us band and Raheem (Mother Henderson).

Also back are veterans Beno (On the Other Side); Sye (Feel up , feel up); Soul Puss (Traitors in Salisbury); Peter Prosper (One Song); Webb (The Tail Wagging the Dog); Checker( Sweet Magnificent Calypso); Checko (Pa Techo): Shadow Flow (Everyone Teach One); and Hard Liner. They are among 12 selected to compete in the Quarter Finals on 9th January 2016.

The three reserves are new comers Oxygen (Jock Start); Earl White Jr (Unite Dominicans) and Sharis B.