One of the top newspapers in the USA, the prestigious The New York Times, has listed Dominica among the 52 places to visit in 2024.

"A patchwork of volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls and hot springs has earned Dominica, a 290-square-mile independent nation in the West Indies, the nickname the Nature Island", the paper said in its 72-page supplement of Sunday, January 14, 2024.

"Later this year, visitors will be able to get a bird's-eye view of the wild landscape thanks to a $54 million, 4.1-mile cable car line that will whisk passengers from the lush Roseau Valley up to Boiling Lake, a roughly 200-foot-wide fumarole flooded with nearly 200-degree water, which currently requires a demanding hike to reach," the New York Times said in a piece written by Nora Walsh.

It added: "The island is also a playground for eco-adventurers: Hiking trails crisscross its three national parks, its crystal cascades make for ideal waterfall rappelling, pristine coral reefs offer some of the best diving in the world, and more than 20 species of whales and dolphins abound along the island's west coast — including a resident population of sperm whales, which will get their own dedicated sanctuary this year".

According to Wikipedia, the New York Times (NYT) is an American daily newspaper based in New York City, with a worldwide reported readership of 9.41 million digital-only subscribers and 670,000 print subscribers as of 2023.

Among the 52 places that the NYT suggests you should visit in 2024 are Paris, Singapore, El Salvador, Vienna, Tasmania in Australia, and Quito in Ecuador.

Apart from Dominica, Greanada is the only other Caribbean country that makes the NYT list.