And it came to pass the loss of paradise. Unbelievable as it may have been in 2016 the two dominant parties on island are the Chiang Kai Chek and the Toussaint who were presently in debate as to whether to allow Dominicans who had run away after the wars of '22 to return.

Between the years 2015 and 2016 a series of events had taken place that should have brought the people together and put country first but they did not pay heed to what Jesus did, turn the other cheek, be mild and meek. The storm Erika, the stolen Chinese money and the deflowering of the under-aged affected all but yet the Hitlerian-JimJonesian control on part of the people and timidity and courageousness of the rest allowed things to unfold unabated by goodsense and patriotism so that today indigenous Dominicans are not only in the minority but are second and third class behind those who came.

By 2018 Haitians were the dominant force in agriculture. They produced more than Dominicans did. As the influx have Haitians continued so more land was overtaken by them as Dominicans continued the practice in their greed, selfishness and laziness to rent more land to them, a gesture they never did follow with their fellow Dominicans. The government never did listen to ensure that all Dominican families have ownership or access to two acres of arable land for it is much more encouraging to plant for oneself than it is to work the farm for others. The Haitians had the right incentive and they prospered.

By 2025 the Haitians had bought out most of the lands they were occupying for as the land passed on to the youth who had no interest in agriculture they sold it off. Unlike divided Dominicans the Haitians came together and all food was brought to a central Haitian Corporation. They controlled the price and Dominicans had no choice but to buy.

By 2025 there were over 30,000 Haitians on island for as their economic influence grew so grew the numbers they brought in for they were already making their own papers by 2015 to supply to those they brought in back-door. The government of the time because of their greed, making money out of selling passports and visas, did not pay heed to the numbers and what they will mean in the future. By 2013 nine hundred Haitians were already being born per year. Further compounding the issue of population that between 2017 and 2020 any Dominican who could afford to leave had left. Things had gotten so bad in the country that there were nightly murders over mundane things. Anybody who could afford one carried a gun.

By 2022 the so-called leaders who had brought the country to the sorry it was in had fled. The power struggle which ensued pitted Dominicans against the foreigners. Haitians and Chinese banded together and could not be moved. Many Dominicans died for the outsiders were well-armed and better prepared.

n this year 2035 Dominicans are working for Haitians and Chinese in the menial positions. Dominican girls are the prostitutes , houses of which litter the city. Dominica has become known for such activity as one would go to Las Vegas for gambling. Dominica is boycotted by her sister islands for the decadence that it dropped to. The island has become a haven for international criminals who run the whole North. Dominicans prey on Dominicans especially upon those who had drank the kool-aid and in their blindness an hatred had given the country away. They were the last level.