There is a terrible and dramatic land saga that is unfolding in the upper North east in the agricultural village of Wesley. At issue is the acquisition of prime land by the government for use as the site of an international airport. This project is off to a very rocky start with the disturbing story beginning to explain the often murky reality of over reach of government.

But the confusing thing is why can't the government just build the much needed airport on the old approved site? Is there something more sinister occurring here? If that is the case, who gave them permission to do that?

Well, we can agree that elections have consequences especially when they are filled with gross irregularities and big, big money. We all understand and can appreciate that the rule of law and governance practices are very different when there a bona fide, and highly respected (not necessary popular) Prime Minister or /and when you have a person who occupies the office of the Prime Minister—the two are very different and not mutually exclusive.

'Hello Diaspora sponsored voters and how do you do?' Have your checked on the sistren and brethren who may be catching hell in DA since the elections and during Covid. Given all that has transpired since your last sponsored trip in December 2019 when you parachuted to vote will you be changing your plans when they come calling again next election?

So let's talk seriously- 'Anou Parly Sewyei' on Sunday night Monday night-any night. Just put your egos aside and be honest. Let's embrace what William Shakespeare said back in 1623 in Act III, Scene V of his drama, All's Well That Ends Well- "No legacy is as rich as honesty". Our leaders need to embrace honesty and our country desperately needs and weeps for it.

Honestly, what is really the plan up north along our beautiful Atlantic coast coves, rich and fertile lands? Is it a land grab, a hasty retreat to fulfil a clandestine deal that was made on behalf of Dominica in some far off fancy 5-star hotel far away from Wesley? If it is a true airport project, then we will probably support it but "Anou Parley Sewyei". There are far too many basic questions not answered fully. Why?

Is it because of arrogance and an entitlement attitude which says, "I am building that airport because I am mighty, powerful and I can and you'll keep quiet-just shhh…". Is it because of the influx of new big money, no accountability, CBI and foreign interests? Well, in a functioning and healthy, democracy (not in a hell hole), dissention and questions are absolutely needed to be asked and issues debated.

To many, the situation in Wesley runs deeper than a promise to build an airport– it is a matter of principle, government overreach, abuse and arrogance and may be a sense of absolute and unchecked power. But if the government gets away with this action, then what's next? Disappearances?

This case undoubtedly should make national and regional headlines and spark widespread debate and public outcry. Reasonable and clear thinking Dominicans at home and abroad (including Diaspora sponsored voters), should be gravely worried. Who gave permission to the powers that be that they can take over the land of citizens at will? If it is true and is left unchallenged and stands, then are we at risk of losing our island home based on the whims and fancies of the government-of-the day, strongmen and big women? We may be in deep trouble, at the point of no return.