I started working with Mr. Bruney in September 1998 and became his office manager very soon thereafter.

I used to call him "Mr. Bruney, Mr. B. and Mikey when he got to me", because he was very troublesome at times and knew how to make you laugh.

His present and past employees will agree with me that Mr. Bruney was humble, peaceful, compassionate, kind and merciful. He also gave all or most of us nick names at the office. So I was "Auntie".

Those qualities came from Jesus himself. I felt comfortable, equal, and had a very good relationship with Mr. B, and he had confidence in me I was always ready to go the extra mile when he called, especially in times of emergency in the workplace when we had deadlines to meet which he enjoyed doing at the last moment.

He was a person who loved to get things done, even if it took him after hours to do it. He knew he could have called on me at any time to assist.

Mr. Bruney would go the extra mile to assist anyone and to ensure that they are comfortable.

On Wednesday June 24, while I was at work, I got a phone call telling me that Mr. B is gone.

Mr. B always told me that when he died to please bury him first and then put the death announcement. Sorry Mr. B, I could not acknowledge your wishes, it was out of my hand.

Certainly, the precious memories of you will remain in my heart. This is your time, Boss; I can say, Jesus gives and takes, blessed be His holy name.