ROSEAU, Dominica, 18 January 2015 (SUN) - Over the past few weeks the signs were clear- there was going to be a mass eruption; lyrics, delivery, melody, and evacuation plans, were in place but at the end, there was no Mas Eruption. Relief, disappointment, discrimination? Take your pick.

"I think the judges got it ninety-five percent right," said commentator Daryl Title at the end of the 2015 Calypso Quarter Finals competition held at the Windsor Park Stadium forecourt last night. "It was just unfortunate that the judges let Mas Eruption slip through the cracks."

"Very unfortunate," concurred lawyer Duncan Stowe, another Calypso commentator.

"It is so unfortunate that people are being scored by virtue of who they are," added Cecil Joseph a third.

But Mas Eruption was not the only notable casualty of the judges' decisions.

At the Semi-finals scheduled for 31st January 2015 there will be no Haxey, Wave, Beno, Beatle J, Checker, Della, and Soul Puss as well. Yes, Soul Puss too.

The 20 calypsonians, and their songs, who were selected from 32 performers were:

Lady Star ("Tomorrow")

Booplay ("Cheap Cars")

Hunter ("Blood Clot")

Bobb ("You Never Know")

Observer ("Tanti's Campaign")

Comforter ("Dat Speaker not Changing- Speaka sar la Parka Sanjee")

Superior Pickie ("World Cup")

Alisha ("Ugly in Politics")

Young Bull ("Pastor Bull")

Vigilante ("Still Fighting")

Jamma B ("Real Champion")

Karessah ("Call me Name")

Chris B ("Dominica Nice")

De Professor ("God of Calypso Kingdom")

Daddy Chess ("It is what it is")

Sting Ray ("Abuse");

Black Diamond ("Pat me down")

Explosion ("On de rise again")

Jay Dee ("Mad man in Town")

Logars ( " Logars doing his own ting")