Scotiabank Dominica has again this year awarded two scholarships for secondary school education to two eligible children of customers of the Bank. The successful candidates are Olivia Mary Natalie Deserve and Jaden Alexander.

Olivia Deserve is a former student of the St. Martin's Primary School while Jaden Alexander is a former student of the St. Mary's Primary School. Olivia will attend the Convent High School in September, 2015 and Jaden will also be attending the St Mary's Academy in September 2015.

The families of Olivia and Jaden were very happy for the award and promised that they will ensure that the children continue to work hard to make everyone proud. Nadia Laurent, the mother of Olivia, says that although Olivia is highly motivated she will continue to work with her to ensure that she succeeds. Jaden Alexander was very thankful to Scotiabank and expressed himself quite eloquently when he said: "I am going to work very hard at secondary school and I am going to do very well to make myself and everyone else proud".

Jaden's parents, Marshall and Valda are Scotiabank customers for over two decades.

Through Scotiabank's Bright Future Programme, the Bank has made a commitment to assist young people through education, culture, health and sports. The Bank is the longest-standing sponsor of cricket in the region and title sponsor of Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket.

Scotiabank's Country Manager Paula Harts says: "Scotiabank understands fully the importance of education in the development and advancement of a country. Indeed education is the linchpin on which a country's future resides. And so through these scholarships the Scotiabank sees itself as facilitating the country's future. Investment in education means investment in the health and wellness of our people and our nation."