As we indicated earlier in PART I, the proposed TV/film project could be classed as "A DOCUMENTARY OF DOMINICA'S DRAMATIC INDEPENDENCE JOURNEY" featuring our island's FASCINATING HISTORY in moving FROM TURMOIL (under Patrick John) TO STABILITY (under Eugenia Charles) TO OECS UNION (mostly under Roosevelt Skerrit) and include a unique cast of characters to match the unique events over the roughly 42-year period of our modern history.

Last issue, we started the pre-Independence bickering with John, Rosie Douglas and Dame Eugenia being the headliners, and I ended with the stabilizing period under the 15-year reign of the Freedom Party though initially with "hot" occurrences (the dreads, the kidnapping and brutal killing of Ted Honychurch, etc, but later the noteworthy development era with Prime Minister M. Eugenia Charles who was knighted for her world-class leadership

The outline the proposed film production would continue as follows:-

United Workers Party gov't- a change … (some say) welcomed after 15 years of DFP? -The expected changes in policies after the 3-term DFP -More pro-private sector initiatives but (some say, unregulated and favouring Party supporters
-liberation of telecommunications (OECS) -a one-term government

Dominica Labour Party - Rosie Douglas (the pan-Africanist) assumes national leadership -hope gives way to despair (Rosie was a widely-known activist, but never a manager -his truncated one-year in office due sudden death, diagnosed as untreated heart problem -the loss of an international icon, but disappointment in achievements

DLP -2-successor P.M. Pierre Charles - massive public sector debt discovered (mostly left by the UWP) -austerity period, public salaries reduced, levy on private sector salaries

DLP-3-Roosevelt Skerrit – a dynamic youthful Prime Minister -new decisive decision-making -dynamic foreign policy -China, Cuba, Venezuela seemingly replaced US and UK in development aid -The controversial influence of Chavez… -… Obviously the chapter on Dominica's youngest Prime Minister remains open…

When you add up all we have mentioned in the two articles – the four-party changes in government, major strikes, major hurricanes, mini-revolutions, etc, etc. most viewers might be enthused to visit a country with such an intriguing history, a la what the film CROCODILE DUNDEE did for Australia tourism!

-could help generate much visitor interest in our country.

As we begin this special season of Independence, my mind reflects on an idea long held ever since I viewed that remarkable film CROCODILE DUNDEE more than 25 years ago. It did wonders for TOURISM in Australia! In Dominica's case, the dramatic lead-up to our Independence – and even more dramatic events just after - are just the start for a film documentary project that would encompass no less than four-party changes in government, major strikes, major hurricanes, mini-revolutions, etc, etc. could help generate much visitor interest in our country.