Hi, my name is Mitchel Paul and I'm the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dominica Arts & Culture Exposé.

I would like to share some thoughts and insights about our Dominican heroes and heroine

I had the privilege of knowing many inspirational heroes during my teenage days in Dominica; but I doubt they were the type of men and women you would lift your hats to "En passant". They were simply humble men and women. They were not the "Follow Me!" type you saw in the movies. They never rang bells or shoot cannons to draw attention to their good deeds. They were simply committed to a cause greater than self. I witnessed perseverance on a daily basis from these men and women. So who are your Dominican heroes? They were men, women, or boys and girls many just a year or two older than yourself who had trust and confidence in each other, and worked together to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. They were bound together by an unspoken trust and responsibility. They worked hard and long to promote Dominica in the arts, music, science, medicine, education, law, valor, sports, & media.

I'm honored to have the privilege in knowing these men and women. Simply stated, they believe in a cause greater than themselves. They had the "Je ne sais quoi" in keeping the culture alive and well in Dominica. Today, our heroes are in their sixties. You know them as fathers, uncles, brothers, mothers, sisters, and neighbours and maybe retirees. They have jobs and families. They pay their taxes and attend social functions. They don't label themselves as heroes. Yet they are Dominican patriots in every sense of the word. And deep down inside, they still maintain the underlying spirit of community for love of country. Without question, they are my heroes.

Mitchel Paul

Vice President & Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors