The funeral service of Jacinta David, the former Acting Chief Cultural Officer was held this afternoon at the St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church in Pottersville. David died suddenly on the 22nd of November 2017 at her home. Here's a tribute printed in the programme of the Funeral Mass written by cultural icon, Alvin Bully.


They say that when a Dancer dies

If the Dance is not only in her body

But also in her Heart and Soul

Then the Dance never dies

And in the Hearts and Minds and Memories

Of all who see her Dance

And when the Dancer dies

Her immortal soul carries the Immortal Dances

To her Immortal Father

Who gathers them in His arms

And Places them within the Immortal Stars

Of our great sparkling Caribbean Sky

And they say that on a clear night

When the air is warm and still

If you look carefully into the shimmering dome above us

You will see her dancing, dancing, dancing

To the music of the stars

Alwin Bully, December 2017