I firmly believe that when the dust would have settled on the Ross University pull out from Dominica, the role of the real "Dominican Statesmen" will be recognized and captured in the history books. These Statesmen are the ones who:

Had the foresight to encourage the establishment of Ross University forty (40) years ago;

Supported the operations of the University over the years;

Defended the good name of Dominica and Dominicans against negative forces;

Planned and implemented strategies to mitigate against the pull out of Ross University;

Gave Dominicans hope to enable them to overcome the challenges;

Promoted peace and calmness in the country;

Recognized that the Ross issue was a national issue and not a political issue;

Understood the true facts of the matter and did not concentrate on finding scapegoats and persons to blame for the Ross pull out;

Recognized that passing judgment was not the answer to the situation at hand; Avoided statements in the media likely to create panic, confusion and unrest;Gave credit to persons who had acted in the best interest of the country; and Encouraged Dominicans to pray for solutions during the crisis.

The Ross University pull out will be recorded as another disastrous event, which Dominicans encountered and conquered during our quest to develop our beloved country into a resilient and formidable nation. May the Good Lord protect us in this struggle to make Dominica a better place for all Dominicans.

H.E. Felix Gregoire, Ambassador to the OECS and CARICOM