I respond to your article "I Blame Lennox Linton" appearing in The Sun Newspaper of 15-8-16.

People of your ilk should lead the way not foul it up. For many, including me, you represented respectability, a voice of reason, a welcome, moral voice. Alas but no more. Your claim, I quote, "It was a setup […] this was planned from the very inception, and that it was all designed to put him [Mr. Lennox Linton] in a bad light." Brilliant! How did you know that, Mister? Was it through a hole, clairvoyance, deductive reason or just your imagination? Join the Band, Dr. Congrats!

I do not know thee, Dr. Watty.

The reason why I am glad to yell: "The occasion never arose."

Yet I had formed the impression that you were above board; an outstanding Dominican, a voice of reason, a moral voice. You refer to the Stadium as a "white elephant that cannot earn its keep." That's soapbox rhetoric. Come on, Doc. Be real. Can you name one stadium in the Caribbean that earns its keep? Your dwindling audience is accelerating. Dominica can be bad lucky at times.

By V. Jno Charles.