The Salisbury constituency consists of Salisbury, Grand Savanah, Coulibistrie and Morne Ratchete. Voting History

2014- UWP (Hector John)

2009- UWP (Hector John)

2005—UWP (Earl Williams)

2000- UWP (Earl Williams)

1995- UWP (Earl Williams)

1990- UWP (Earl Williams)

1985- DFP (James Royer)

1980- DFP (Dennison John)

1975- DLP (B.J. Louis)

Hector "Spags" John

Political Experience

Leader of the Opposition; Member of Parliament, Salisbury Constituency from 2009 to Present; Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, 06/2009 – 12/2014 Vice President, United Workers Party, 11/2016 - Present


BBA degree in Information Technology, Monroe College, New Rochelle, NY, 08/2009; Graduated from Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, 06/1987

Professional Experience

New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority, IT Department, New Rochelle, NY -Information Technology Assistant; Dominica Banana Producers Limited, Dominica -Information Technology Assistant; Dominica Banana Marketing Corporation, Dominica- Statistical Officer.

Volunteering Activities

Monroe College, IT Department, New Rochelle, NY -Assisted in solving hardware and software problems; American Family Drive, Lincoln Center, Manhattan, NY (7/9/2005); Assisted in packaging emergency supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, USA;

President, Salisbury Improvement Committee, Dominica; Chairman, National Youth Council, Dominica; Member, Cricket Youth Team, Dominica.

Plans for the Salisbury Constituency

-Build tourist and fishermen facilities at Salisbury, Coulibistrie and Batalie beaches.

-Improve farm roads in Salisbury and Morne Rachette

-Improve road network

-Build river retaining walls at Coulibistrie

-Develop proper access to Canal, Coulibishie

-Develop proper disaster management plan

-Improve housing stock

-Alternative access road to Morne Rachette

-Revive agriculture sector

-Technical and Financial support to young farmers

-Sustainable Markets for Agricultural Produce

-Improve the Tourism Sector

-Improve sporting facilities

-Introduce new sporting disciplines

-Acquire land for Multi-purpose community building (Salisbury)

-Develop small business sector

-Incentive in Arts & Culture

-Create employment and reduce under-employment

--Skills training and certification

-Effective networking with every community group and institution

Nicholls "Shanks" Esprit

He is a former employee of DOWASCO; he was a United Workers Party Senator in the Parliament; he contested the Salisbury seat in 2014 on a DLP ticket.

He is employed as the coordinator of special projects in the Ministry of Agriculture.

*Note that we contacted Mr. Esprit for his biography and his plans for the constituency but he made neither available despite promising to do so.