By Ann Graham

One afternoon, Bwa Agouti was walking through the forest, when he saw the snake skin of a Boa Constrictor lying on the ground.

"Wow, this is so cool," he said to himself.

Although his parents cautioned him about playing with snakes' skins, he ignored their warning and went to do just that.

"Nothing have never happened to me before so why would it now," he thought.

Suddenly, a few minutes later, Bwa Agouti heard a hissing sound behind him. He got frightened. Slowly, he turned around and saw a huge Boa Constrictor about to gobble him up.

Immediately, Bwa Agouti ran as fast as he could away from the snake. It chased him for miles deeper and deeper into the forest until thankfully, he spotted a hole in the ground and jumped into it.

He stayed hidden in that dark scary hole for hours until at last; he could no longer hear the snake slithering on the grass above.

When he came out, Bwa Agouti looked around and soon found out that he was lost and it was almost dark.

"How am I going to get home," he cried.

Bwa Agouti became scared all over again. He regretted disobeying his parents and wished they were here. Suddenly, he heard familiar voices calling his name over and over.

"That's my parents!" he exclaimed, "Mammy, Daddy!" He ran towards them.

Bwa Agouti reached home safe and sound with his parents. But of course after telling his story he indeed got a scolding of his lifetime for his disobedience.

The End!