Jayson Sorhaindo sets out an enthusiastic case for choosing a career in agriculture and describes at great length the variety of careers that are available within the industry.

He argues that working in agriculture is not dead end job suitable only for those who are not capable of doing any other type of work. It is true that agriculture does need those who can till the soil and reap the harvest or look after livestock, but with modern machinery, technology and computers the present day farmer has to be an intelligent and multi-skilled individual.

To produce enough crops to sustain businesses and provide food to supply not only the local population, but the national, and possibly a worldwide market, the farmer needs assistance from other professionals such as veterinary surgeons, experts in biotechnology and seed technology, ecologists and microbiologists. These are all technical and highly skilled professions which support and rely upon the agricultural industry and demonstrate just how large and diverse the industry is with opportunities for a wide range of professions and skills.

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