National cricket captain Tyron Theophile is "not-out"!

Despite a traffic accident that would end the career of most sportsmen, Theophile is not "retiring hurt".

"It all depends on whether or not the second surgery is done," Theophile said. "But the doctor told me that once all goes well, I'll be back in the game."

On December 25, 2020, Theophile was involved in a serious vehicular accident. He recounted the events of the accident during an interview.

"That night I was on the Bay Front, riding my bike towards where the accident happened. I did not see the little roundabout near the Ferry Terminal. There was a vehicle in front of me, and as soon as I passed the vehicle that stop was right in front of me...", he said. As a result of the incident, the cricket star suffered blows to the right arm and the head. The blow to the head resulted in part of the skull being fractured as he was not wearing a helmet.

Theophile fell into a coma on the scene. Doctors airlifted him to Martinique for emergency treatment on Dec 27, 2020, at approximately 10 pm. He only woke up from the coma on New Year's Day.

The first three people Theophile saw were his fiancée, Sherma Dalrymple, and the two nurses who were on duty that morning. The cricketer disclosed that he underwent six to seven hours of surgery and that the doctors were not certain if he would wake up. At the hospital, the doctors and nurses named Theophile "Miracle". The nickname was given because of how quickly he adapted to his situation. Soon after waking up, he started moving around and was then sent to the neurological ward for therapy.

On his stay at the hospital, Theophile said: "…honestly, I was treated quite well by the doctors and nurses. They really, really treated me good. No complaints."

He added that he was very happy by the number of persons who came to visit him.

"I have been getting a lot of support and love from Dominicans so far. A lot of students and peers came to see me and I am grateful for that. Even people I don't know stop and tell me to be strong and motivate me to keep moving forward," he said.

Theophile also expressed his gratefulness to the Prime Minister and the Government of Dominica for their help during the first segment of treatment.

Tyron Theophile is from the southern community of Pointe Michel. He is a former student of the St. Luke's Primary School, and the Goodwill Secondary school. The cricketer is presently 31-years-old, and it's no surprise that his favourite hobby is playing cricket. From youth, he aspired to play cricket. Although Theophile played football and was also an athlete during early childhood, there was a special love for the sport. His passion grew when he began playing for the Goodwill Secondary School. He then moved on to play for the National Under 13 team in 2000.

Theophile also played for other clubs on the island including the Tremors Cricket Club, the Saints Cricket Team in Point Michel and the Trafalgar Cricket team. He also played in the Dominica Under 15 Team, the Senior Dominican Cricket Team, as well as the Windwards Volcanoes.

A fundraising cricket match has been held for the cricketer's second surgery. The event, organized by the Dominica Cricket Association, was scheduled to held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Sunday 28 March 2021, from 9:30 a.m.

Theophile sends a special message to young, aspiring cricketers.

"Taking up cricket is something that can take you places in life; financially, as well as bettering yourself on a whole as a young person. At the end of the day, you can't afford to forget the education aspect. You can love the sport, but remember the books," he said.