Generations after the Kalinago, Phillis Shand Alfrey, Edward Oliver Leblanc, Cecil Rawle, Emanuel Loblack, Balla, Pharcell , Congoree, the Jamaican Nanny and colleagues, we are certainly certain, of a simple truth. The capacity for intellectual resilience is a certified Dominican tradition. It should be preserved, instead of being eroded, degraded, scandalised, and infectiously compromised. Our cultural DNA is founded on challenge. It was not by accident the Windward Islands were not the first choice for European investors. We are part of a global economy; it is our duty of citizenship, to assure transparency…apart from the thing we must keep secret.

We are happy to know there is a constitution of Dominica. It is legal tender in Dominica, in Athenian Tradition. There is one caveat. Unlike the Athenians, slavery and state sponsored oppression is illegal. There is one Constitution, for Dominicans resident and overseas. One national spirit motivates us, to vote out our current national emergency. We the people will refuse to apologise, for having legitimate concerns, about the governance of our nation.

We boast of billions in foreign revenue. The farmers beg for farm access. The banks and credit unions remember when the farmers made money. No audit needed for that. This is not the moment in history, if ever, to renegotiate our basic constitutional right to prosperity.

Vested interest, not in the national interest, should not be allowed to dictate the national agenda. Forget the demonstration. The police are still begging for a raise. Give them a rest. The electoral reform most required is, to vote out our fellow citizen and his party. I'm not saying to stop the efforts for the enhancement and improvement of our electoral process. I am saying just vote the man and his folks out and finish with that. By Luke John