Dominica records another murder for 2023

A 29-year-old Grand Bay man is the unfortunate victim of a shooting death in that community.

According to police sources, Jullson Baron was at his home in Berricoa, Grand Bay, shortly after 3 a.m. that morning when he was shot numerous times in the chest and head.

Upon arrival at the scene, a medical expert pronounced Baron dead. According to the police, no suspect(s) have yet been captured, but investigations are underway.

Justice Colin Williams to be appointed as a criminal judge in Dominica

Justice Colin Williams has been assigned to the Commonwealth of Dominica as the head of the country's criminal division after serving as a High Court Judge in Antigua and Barbuda for over two years.

The re-appointment is in response to Dominica's urgent need for a criminal Judge, which has been without one since Justice Richard Floyd retired in April 2023 due to health issues.

High Court Registrar Cecile Hill said the tenure of each regional-appointed judge varies. In this case, Williams' re-appointment is meant to meet the needs of Dominica, which is without a permanent criminal Judge.

Justice Williams, a former director of public prosecutions in St Vincent and the Grenadines, will take on his new role effective September 1, 2023, following the directives issued by Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Her Ladyship the Hon Dame Janice Pereira, on July 21, 2023.

Etienne was reelected to lead DFA

While Glen Etienne, a Dominica Football Association (DFA) veteran, has retained his post as president, three former senior executives still need to gain favour with the membership and have been ousted.

Etienne won 18 votes at the keenly observed election. At the same time, his competitors, Michael Joseph, Wayne George, and Kenneth Esprit, received 7, 5, and 3 votes, respectively.

Stanton Seraphin received 20 votes for vice president, incumbent Ken George received 6, Sheldon Casimir received 5, and Wayne Benjamin received 2.

In a two-way race for second vice president between incumbent Ericson Degallerie and Yvette Laurent, Degallerie received 20 votes, and Laurent received 12.

John Joseph defeated incumbent Dexter Ducreay for the treasurer position by a vote of 13 to 19. Leandra Belle-Charles heavily trounced Christina Sobers for the position of assistant secretary-treasurer, who received 26 votes to Sobers' 6.

The startling outcome occurred in the race for Public Relations Officer (PRO) between incumbent Gerald George and Ebi Lawrence, with Lawrence receiving 20 votes and George receiving 11.

Joel Hamilton received 12 votes to win the position of youth officer. In comparison, Colin Bernard and James Jervier both garnered ten votes.

Kurt Christmas, Martin Lockhart, and Henrich Anslem are committee members on the executive committee. Chief Elections Officer Ian Michael Anthony presided over the election, which two observers watched over.

Antigua government claims that the case brought against them by a Dominican businessman is without merit

According to Lionel Max Hurst, Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister's Office, the case launched against the government by Dominican businessman Dowlin Alexander is a "no case" that will fail.Hurst stated at a press conference that the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party-led government is unconcerned about the legal case, which he claims needs more substance.

Dolwin Alexander, a well-known businessman from Grand Bay, was arrested in Antigua and Barbuda several weeks ago. He spent just over 24 hours in the police cell in St Johns but was released.

They arrested him following an INTERPOL request which stated that the French government had interests in Alexander. He is accused by the French authorities of drug trafficking and other crimes. However, Alexander is suing Antigua and Barbuda's Attorney General Steadroy Cutie Benjamin and Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney.

Alexander, through his attorney Wendel Robinson, is claiming, among other things, illegal arrest and violation of his human rights. He is also demanding restitution for false detention.

However, Hurst stated that the government of Antigua and Barbuda can decide whether a person is persona non grata.

"And this is exactly what happened. He [Alexander] was returned to Dominica within days following his arrival here in Antigua and Barbuda, and that decision is not subject to questions by law either. In other words, you would have no standing in bringing that matter before a court of law. Any immigration office in any country can determine that a person is not wanted in his or her country and return that person to the country from which he came", Hurst said

"This is not a matter in any way that can cause liability to Antigua and Barbuda", he said.

Dominica captures gold, silver and bronze medal at the Windward Island games

Dominican athletes achieved remarkable success at the Windward Islands School Games on July 23, 2023. Neo Davis emerged victorious in the Boys 800m, securing Dominica's first gold medal. The country also earned four silver medals, with Godisha Joseph and Kyron Phillip excelling in the Discus events and Chorister Durand impressing in the Girls 800m. The Girls' 4x400m relay team also brought home a silver medal.

Dominica demonstrated its sporting prowess with three comprehensive victories in Boys' Volleyball, Netball, and Basketball against St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. The volleyball team won their match 3-0, while the netball team secured a narrow 29-27 victory. Dominica's basketball team dominated with an impressive 104-43 win over St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Dominica displayed consistent strength and determination throughout the games, culminating in a series of impressive wins. The achievements of Dominican athletes highlight the country's dedication to sports and its potential to excel on the regional stage.