Suicide in Grand Bay cells under investigation

The Dominica Police Force says that it is presently investigating an apparent suicide which occurred at Grand Bay police station.

According to reports from Inspector of Police Fixton Henderson, on Thursday, March 14, 2024, just after midnight, 28-year-old Felon Lewis of Pichelin, who was in police custody, having been arrested on suspicion of committing the offences of malicious damage and battery, was found hanging by the neck in a holding cell at the Grand Bay Police Station.

He said the lifeless body of Lewis was found wearing a pair of short pants with no shirt.

A shirt was seen tied around his neck and to a metal bar on the metal gate of the cell.

He was examined and pronounced dead at the scene that morning by a medical doctor.

Lewis's body is being kept at a funeral home pending an autopsy.

The government and Calibishie residents agree following a protest

Following a protest by Calibishie residents, the government and community members have reached a mutual agreement regarding concerns over the reconstruction of the Calibishie Primary School and the location of the playing field. On March 10, a protest by community members underscored concerns regarding the construction plans for the new school and the potential destruction of the playing field to accommodate it.

However, just a few days later, on March 13, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and other members of his Cabinet engaged with Calibishie villagers, leading to discussions and resolutions. Following the meeting, Skerrit announced that the decision had been made to proceed with the proposed construction plans. Moreover, a commitment was to extend the playing field and rebuild a farm access road behind the property.

Additionally, the government pledged to acquire additional lands to expand the playing field further, directly addressing the community's concerns.

"The Government of Dominica will maintain open communication with Calibishie residents during this process and ensure their children can quickly access learning in a safe and sound environment in their community," he stated.

BPW Honor Thirty Outstanding Women

Thirty remarkable women from Dominica were recently honoured for their exceptional contributions and achievements at the second annual awards ceremony hosted by the Business and Professional Women (BPW) organisation. Held at My Mother's House, the former Evergreen Hotel, on March 10, the event celebrated hard work, dedication, and excellence.

Among the distinguished honorees was Adina Bellot Valentine, recognised for her role as a Public Relations Officer; Ernie Charles-Harris, acclaimed for her mastery in macramé artistry; Jo-anne Prince, lauded for her impactful work as a social worker special educator; Annette Bates, celebrated for her dedicated service as a retired nurse; Jamie Alleyne and Saraya Elwin Simon, honoured for their entrepreneurial and educational endeavours, respectively; Avlyn Alexis and Claire Joseph, acknowledged for their successful ventures as business owners; and Deirdre LaBassiere, commended for her leadership role as a director and entrepreneur leadership consultant, along with Diane Blanford-Williams, distinguished for her expertise as a credit & business development associate NBD.

Among the other awardees was Lizra Fabien, recognised as a Project Manager Consultant; Dr. Anthea Burton-Elwin, esteemed for her multiple degrees including RN, BSN, MSN, and PhD; Donna Lewis Phillips, acknowledged for her role as an Accounting Officer within the Project Management Unit at DOWASCO; Daryl Aaron, honoured as the General Manager of Bay Garden Resort; Dr. Simone Mathiere, acclaimed as an Associate Professor of Psychology & Media Producer; Dr. Nadia Wallace, esteemed as a Psychiatry Consultant Psychiatrist; Dr. Genora Joseph, recognised as a Civil & Environmental Engineer; Irma Sharon Vidal, celebrated as a Business Owner and Youth Advocate; Jennifer Nanton, esteemed as a Sports Educator; and Jo-anne Durand, celebrated as a Teacher Educator.

The final ten honorees included Vanya David, serving as the executive officer & President of DNCW; Lucy Belle-Matthew, distinguished as a Justice of Peace Councillor for Roseau City Council; Marva Williams, recognised for her role as a marketing manager; Maxine Alleyne-Esprit, acclaimed as a communications officer at IOM-UN; Sandra Frampton, honoured as both a business owner and florist; Monique Jacob, acknowledged as a marketing specialist and independent marketing consultant; Olivia Maurice, celebrated as a Ferriera entrepreneur; Rhona Riley, distinguished as an Executive Secretary at the Cabinet Secretary; Sonia Williams, recognised as a retired UNESCO general secretariat member; and Veronne Nicholas, esteemed as a software developer and IT Manager.

DFP Appoints Paul Baron as new General Secretary

The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) has announced the appointment of Paul Baron as its new General Secretary. Hailing from the Kalinago people and residing in Antrizle within the Salybia Constituency, the party notes that Paul's dedication to community engagement and leadership has been unwavering.

In a statement to the media, they highlighted his local and national contributions to community and youth development. Commencing his journey in public service at 16 , Paul has held several influential positions within his community, including councillor of the Atkinson Village Council, eventually ascending to chairperson in 2017. He has also significantly contributed to organisations such as The Dominica Youth Business Trust, The Kalinago Youth Council, and The Rotaract Club of Dominica.

Baron's national profile soared when he was elected President of the National Youth Council of Dominica in 2018. Professionally, he serves as the CEO of EDEN Consultancy, a multifaceted agency specialising in real estate, insurance, travel, and business development. Additionally, Paul has garnered firsthand professional experience working within the Kalinago Community, previously serving as the liaison officer for the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs and, most recently, as liaison to the Kalinago Council.

The DFP expresses confidence in their new General Secretary's ability to bring value to the party and contribute to its goal of building a resilient, prosperous nation founded on human capital development and equal opportunity.

New Medical University Earns ECFMG Recognition

The American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM), Dominica's newest medical university, has announced its official recognition by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

With this recognition, ACSOM students can now sit for the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) and participate in the National Residency Match Program (NRMP), an essential step in their medical career advancement.

In a statement, ACSOM, which replaced Ross University, expressed gratitude to the Dominican Government and the Prime Minister's Office, acknowledging their pivotal role in achieving this recognition.