The title "encountering" is twofold in nature as the extracts you are about to read not only represents English students from various form levels at one secondary school, the Saint Mary's Academy, but these extracts from poetry and prose seem to be indicative of their own life encounters imagining different situations as they seek to put pen to paper during literary week March 9th -14th 2015.

Most of these writings came on the heels of visits to a few classes by local writers Jeno Jacob, Delroy Williams and Gloria Septra Augustus who shared their work and experiences with them. Come along as we journey into some extracts in this week's Spotlight issue.

"When we arrived, a wave of shock came over me. At first glance one could visualize the cause of the accident. A large red coach had collided head on with a truck.

"Whew, looks like a tornado passed through here!" said Jess our paramedic.

There was shattered glass everywhere glimmering like precious diamonds in the evening sun. The metal frame of both vehicles were bent and broken. Black smoke from engines danced as it rose in the air. But metal was not the only thing bent and broken for strewn across the road were the occupants of both vehicles. Their disfigured bodies slightly camouflaged by the clothes they wore. There was a sea of blood oozing slowly out of some of the victims.

(Extract from 'Tragedy' by Kemuel Roberts room -WA3: 4th form)

The weather began changing. Gradually I increased my walking speed till I began a slow jog. As I ventured through the narrow short-cut, I noticed the low lying clouds were slowly eclipsing the moon. Not long after, the rains began to fall. The frigid droplets felt like bullets piecing my skin. My vision dimmed and I was unable to se ahead and the dirt road which began to bleed made it more difficult to move as my shoes got stuck in the ground.

(Jowakym Julian_ WA2: 4th Form)

Jason Lunged down the corridor. It was dimly illuminated by sickly green colored mushrooms. His heart pounded his chest until it reached a point where it seems threatening to leap out. His hands brushed against the dark cold damp walls for he was, after all, miles under water. He glances back only to see the silhouette of a man running towards him. But he knew better, he knew it was not a man but a creature shaped like one…………..his demise was inevitable, he had seen what this malicious entity could do and he knew he may be next. He pressed on ahead; not giving up.

(Extract from 'Trapped' by Jordan Timothy: WA3- 4th Form) The fire

I felt the heat before I saw the flames Saw the cloud of smoke miles away Like a ferocious monster devouring everything in its path After the bottom it raced to the buildings top half When it arrived at the roof, it stretched its arm towards the sky As it grew stronger it devoured everything inside But soon the men in yellow can and brought it to an end But not before one last explosive roar from the fend Shattering windows and bursting open doors This was surely its last breath as more water was being poured. (By Montell James: WA2-4th Form)

Coming home late after a long and arduous day of work, the short cut seems to be the best route. The road was deserted; there was no moonlight in sight. A thick grey cloud permeated the darkness of the night's sky. I felt the first splatter of rain on my shoulders and it was a matter of seconds before a downpour. It intensifies and a series of thunder followed. As my feet picked up pace, I discovered an abandoned house where I stopped to shelter. Suddenly I saw a man lurking in the dark. His eyes were piecing cold. From his demeanor I sensed something eerie…..Itried to get away as fast as I could…he seem to be stalking me. I pulled out my cell phone to call the authorities but there was no response.

(Extract from 'Dark Times' by Jahmill Butler- 202: 3rd Form)


I miss the days when silence reigned When silence made the sun shine brighter When silence push the shy winds towards us When silence comforted us at night

…..gone are the days when silence I knew Progress I think they call it The usurpers of silence, oh how I loathe thee The one who blinded us with necessities that we do not need ……….so that you could take my silence from me

(By Jordan Timothy


They say art is expression One which I do not wish to conform to With its brushes, canvass and pencils; Rather I use this stencil in my head formed with just words Adjectives, verbs that reverberate and shake ground and nation With stress liberation, positive vibration

………but a thousand words can paint a million pictures Mere cynicism for a world which do not care

….leaving room for sounds of love and unity to ring freely With you, and me, just harmony So let the words speak more than just a creek In a section of convoluted streams 'Cause the words you speak, are the art of your dreams.

(By Asriel Bellot – WA2: 4th Form)