Dominica's Carnival is an explosion of creative energy that defies confinement of any sort.

Its elements — exuberant dance, driving music, flamboyant costumes and much more— combine into an extraordinary effusion of artistry that defies being captured in words and images.

When we try to represent Carnival, the most poignant of Dominica's cultural experiences, we have to resort to glimpses. We can only aspire to show its essence, not its exquisite fullness.

With this in mind, The Sun brought journalist Gwen Evelyn on board to compile a special 2016 Carnival edition, to capture the essence of Carnival and explore related concerns.

Read the reflections of a costume designer, get insights into Bann Mové, delve into Carnival musings by cultural giants and get a feel of its complex socio-cultural aspects.

Also, read about pivotal issues like the seeming decline of steel pan and the tragic 1963 Carnival fire.