Before the days of typing on a computer, taking a pic from a cell phone, using a vehicle, or simply switching the television channel, these four local centenarians were born and have witnessed far more than one can think of.

The Dominica Council on Ageing is this week observing Centenarians Week because of the four 100 plus-year-olds who are celebrating their birthdays.

Anestasie Charles

The oldest on the list and the first to celebrate her birthday this week is Anestasie Charles.

The 107-year-old who has a memory like a computer is considered a special gem in her community of Wesley, where she is known to the villagers as 'Ma Maggie.'

Born on April 26th 1914 in Wesley, she had one child, raised five grandchildren and worked as a farmer on the Londonderry Estate.

She ate what she grew, which is believed to have contributed to her longevity, and also cites proper rest, a kind heart, patience, the goodness of God and most importantly, "never hanging your heart where your hand can't reach as it stresses you out."

Raised by her strict parent, the second eldest Centenarian in Dominica recalls during carnival time, her mother would take her and her siblings up to the garden situated away from the village, so that they would not partake in carnival activities.

Nonetheless, as she says, she has been blessed with a good life.

Mionette Gussi Bannis

The second to celebrate her birthday this week is 105-year-old Mionette Gussi Bannis, who is still active as a child in a room filled with toys.

Ma Lawoss, as she is affectionately known, was born on 27th April 1916, in Dublanc, but has since moved to Paix Bouche.

Speaking to the Sun she stated that she has always been a happy woman, who enjoys the simplicity that life has to offer.

A lover of ground provision and fish, if there's one thing you won't catch her eating is rice, as in her long lifespan she's always regarded the meal as "fowl food."

She was blessed with two children, who has since passed away. In her younger days, she worked as a cleaner at the Botanic Gardens and lived in Roseau for 10 years.

A Catholic at heart, she enjoys church, going on island tours, getting manicures and pedicures and giving lectures at the Paix Bouche Primary School.

Her message of encouragement is simple, "work hard and enjoy life."

Asher Timothy

A small glass of wine a day really does keep the doctor away and 104-year-old Asher Timothy is living testimony of this statement.

Better known as "Uncle Mark" he was born on 28th April 1917.

Speaking to the Sun, when asked about his longevity he jokingly stated that he's been on earth for so long that he's forgotten his age.

As a teenager, he migrated to Guadeloupe and spent most of his life there. He returned to Dominica in 1971 and was an overseer at the Melville Hall Estate.

Though he never got married and had no children, he is considered a father to many in his community of Marigot.

A labourer and a hard worker despite his age, he still spends most of his days in his garden and at the moment suffers from no illness.

Antonine Roberts

At 102, Ms. Antonine Roberts, originally from Grand Fond resides in Riviere Cyrique and is the youngest to celebrate her birthday this week, on April 30.

A dancer at heart, she credits this to her longevity, as well as the help from the Almighty Father.

Her only daughter passed away last year at the age of 78.

Despite the many challenges she's lived through Roberts told THE SUN that she's lived a good life and says that there is nothing she would change.

The Council on Ageing has also confirmed to the Sun that Mona Lestrade better known as "Ma Mona '' of Mon Rachette passed away last week at the age of 100, bringing Dominica's total number of living centenarians to 26.