"Today will be my day," thought Bwa Agouti as he made his way to the Forest Chief's office. He was going to prove to Chief Manicou that he would make an excellent assistant to him. His best friend, Baba Rat had already put in a good word for him, so now, all he had to do was show how helpful he was and the job would be his.

Quickly, Bwa Agouti finished brushing his fur then scampered down the Mahogany tree and started walking. Moments later, just as he sighted Chief Manicou's office up ahead, he saw an old manicou struggling with an obviously heavy bag. At first, he considered stopping to help, but quickly changed his mind and moved along.

"I busy we," he told her without looking back.

A few minutes later, Bwa Agouti entered the office.

"Good morning Chief," he said then took a sit.

The chief replied, "good morning to you too, son."

They spoke for a few minutes, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Just a second Bwa, I think dat's my mom," said Chief Manicou whilst getting up.

Bwa Agouti nodded then watched as he moved to open the door. Seconds

later, an old female manicou walked in. Bwa Agouti gasped! That was the same animal with the heavy bag, he passed earlier on.

"Son, I met d most unpleasant....." she began then paused and dropped her jaw as soon as she noticed Bwa Agouti sitting on the chair.

"Mom, you auright?" asked Chief Manicou suddenly concerned.

"DAT is your new assistant?" she practically shouted, pointing a finger at Bwa Agouti.

"Umm, as of today, yes," answered the Chief.

"Well, cancel dat!" exclaimed his mother. "This young agouti is d most unhelpful animal I have ever come across in my entire life," then went on to tell her son of her encounter with him a few minutes ago.

Bwa Agouti unhappily watched as Chief Manicou's face grew very serious.

Without waiting for his mom to finish, he bowed his head and silently got up and left. He needed no words from the Chief to know that he had been fired from his position before he had even started.

"What a shame," Bwa Agouti thought to himself. "By not helping one person,

I have lost a wonderful opportunity."