"It's not much," said Gizelle Pierre-Toussaint on Sunday as she presented educational supplies to students of the Salisbury. "But hopefully it is something."

Pierre-Toussaint is the founder of the LIBRA Foundation, a registered charitable organization which she founded in 2012 when she was 12.

LIBRA's main objective is to assist the needy and elderly by giving charitable donations.

The donation, from various sponsors, to the Salisbury Pre-School, as well as primary and secondary pupils of the community, consisted of notebooks, geometry sets, pens, pencils, school bags and some snacks.

"School is reopening tomorrow and I know there are some parents who welcome that cushion," said Salisbury parliamentary representative Hector "Spags" John. "It will go a long way in helping them during this school year."

LIBRA is an acronym for: "Love for community; Inspiring minds; Bringing hope; Reaching out to those in need; Achievements through Christ."

Yes, Pierre-Toussaint is the same precocious 12-year-old, who, in 2012 not only founded LIBRA but wrote and directed a theatrical piece named "A Tale of Slavery".

Her theatrical career was interrupted when she had a major accident. At Sunday's presentation in Salisbury she walked with the help of crutches.

Over the years, LIBRA has made donations to various institutions including chairs and tables to the Clifton Primary School