Manny Manicou refused to share the guavas on his tree with anyone. Day and night, he would sit underneath the tree looking out for animals who might try to pick them.

Nevertheless, one hot afternoon, Manny grew very thirsty and needed to drink some water as soon as possible. Of course, he didn't want to leave his guavas 'unprotected' and so decided to put up a sign on the tree trunk marked 'Don't touch' to keep away any possible thief. When he was done, he looked at it a few times to ensure that it was big enough then headed towards the lake.

A few minutes later, Manny was on his way back when suddenly, in the distance he noticed something very strange about his tree. Worried, he sped up to get a better look and could not believe his eyes when he saw what happened. All the guavas on his tree had been bitten.

"Wh-who did dat?" Manny Manicou sputtered. Never had he been so angry in his entire life.

Suddenly, an old female voice called out to him from behind.

"Manny," said the voice.

He turned around and saw that it was his grandma, Ma Conny.

"Ma," he answered very surprised, "Wat you doing dere?"

His grandma replied, "so I caha come an see my grandson?"

"Y-yes of course," Manny answered quickly, "Wat time you come dere?"

"Yon ti tan de sa," she answered.

Then she continued, "So dats why you looking so vex? Because I come?" Manny Manicou answered, "no mama, I jus vex about my guava tree."

"D guava tree?" she exclaimed.

Suddenly she burst out laughing, "doh worry about dat. Some of your bird friends came around to axe for some but you was not dere. So I show dem d sign on d tree trunk an I tell dem to eat d guavas but doh touch d tree."