I knew Mr. Bruney from 1993, when his office was located next to Walton Insurance on Castle Street, where I worked.

Because of the close relations we shared at our workplace, occasionally I did Messenger work for his Secretary, because she was the only worker at the time working for Mr. Bruney and could not go out as she pleased.

Eventually Mr. Bruney was searching for a Messenger/Cleaner and he appointed me. In 2005 I resigned to migrate to the US Virgin Islands.

Mr. Bruney was a very jovial and sociable individual. He shared lots of laughter and jokes and he being a lawyer, never deprived him of making his workplace a comfortable and happy environment to work.

Mr. Bruney was a good man and I will miss him dearly. Just looking at his pictures makes me cry.

You are gone Mr. Bruney but you will NEVER be forgotten.