After writing many letters and holding several meetings the employees of the Public Works Corporation (PWC) have sought a solution to their problems from the Court.

One may recall that on July 1, 2015 the PWC laid off 20 employees; 14 of these employees have decided to take legal action against the PWC. The matter was filed in the Roseau High Court on March 1, 2016 by Attorney-at-Law William E. Riviere; it addresses issues of employment, lay-off and redundancy.

The employees who took legal action against the PWC are: Deryck Samuel, Edgar St. Aimee, Royston Williams, Dale Laurent, Cecil Tavernier, Lennox George, Colbert Brumant, Flint Jno Baptiste, Nigel Casimir, Matthew Nelson, Mariline Jacob, Thomas Polydore, Leroy John and Valena Walters.

According to the document the employees are seeking redundancy benefits of $139, 673.32 in addition to interest at 5% per year from the date of judgement to settlement, other relief and costs.

The document revealed that at January 23, 2016 the employees have been laid off for 205 days, about 29 weeks.

The PWC has, so far, not paid redundancy benefits to any of the employees.

Management of the Public Works Corporation told the Sun that the board is seeking legal advice on the matter.